Now in stock! Billet Crankshafts with strokes

- 72,4 mm  - 86 mm  - 94,5 mm  - 102 mm

Price 11.000 SEK+ VAT

We can now supply complete stroker kits including crankshaft, con rods, pistons, bearings and all new blocks at extremely competitive pricing.



Motor Design Sweden AB interested in contacts with international partners  


The core business of our company is development and marketing of racing engines. Our highly competitive and cost efficient engines are finding a wide usage in all categories of national and international motor sport, ranging from rallycross -, rally- and racing cars. 
In addition we develop and market a wide range of high performance and racing components, including engine parts, complete intake systems and high torque RWD transmission parts, also  gear sets (from SSF-Pyörä), final gears in wide range of ratios and unique externally adjustable LSD diffs (from Unic AB) and clutches. The latter come from HELIX AutoSport. We also market rally and race parts like brakes from HiSpec.

The company has over the years built up a highly respected and strong position in Scandinavia and to a degree also in Northern Europe and USA. Now it wants to extend its presence further world wide and to achieve this it is now open to contacts and discussions with interested potential partners to take steps in this direction. 
For interested parties please get in touch MD Kent Karlsson, the homepage providing all information of products, services, location, phone, mail- and email address





First Autocross win in klass Sprint 1600

K.N.A.F. / SONAK / A.C.V.O.   Deltävling Pieterzijl. Holland 20 april


Marcel Schoo took a fine win with engine built up with the MDS EVO Duratec cylinder head in unique 1600 cc version


Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zjhXDS4aSU



New MDS Transmission


Our all new 5-speed sequential transmission is now available.
Very low weight at 18.5 kg, 5 kg less than the M45 original.
Wider range of the new high value quality con rods in H-profile now available at MDS
Developed for the Red Engine B200/ B230/ B234 in dimensions below. ARP 2000 bolts  are included in the unit cost.
Unit cost 500 SEK/st  + VAT


New Very High Performance version of the MDS Block Red Engine, developed for applications like drag racing.

Motor Design AB now offers the New Block for the Red Engine also in an extra Heavy Duty version. This development has resulted in a unique block casting with increased width of the main bearing bulkheads combined with unique high strength steel main bearing caps, designed to provide a maximum strength bottom end. To match the typical high cylinder pressures in high pressure charged applications the cylinder strength is increased with reduced height of the water jacket core surrounding the cylinders. This results in much higher mechanical strength and reduces the risk for cylinder cracking. MDS has gained good experience of applications at 1500 hp and the block has capacity to handle even higher outputs.

Continued success Olsberg-MDS Cylinder Head in second round of GRC, USA.
Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth, June 9. 2012

1. Marcus Grönholm (FIN), Ford Fiesta Mk7 T16 4x4
2. Tanner Foust (USA), Ford Fiesta Mk7 T16 4x4
3. Brian Deegan (USA), Ford Fiesta Mk7 T16 4x4
4. Rhys Millen (NZ), Hyundai Veloster T16 4x4
5. David Binks (GB), Ford Fiesta Mk7 T16 4x4
6. Stéphane Verdier (F), Hyundai Veloster T16 4x4
7. Samuel Hübinette (S), SAAB 9-3 ASS T16 4x4 - DNF
8. Ken Block (USA), Ford Fiesta Mk7 T16 4x4 - DNF
9. Andy Scott (GB), SAAB 9-3 ASS T16 4x4 - DNS
10. Sverre Isachsen (N), Subaru Impreza GR WRX STI - DQ


Cars on first 6 positions using Olsberg-MDS cylinder heads.
Success for the Olsberg-MDS Cylinder Head in the first round of Global Rallycross Championship (GRC), USA.
Results Global Rallycross Championship 2012- Round 1 Charlotte Motor Speedway, Super Cars

1.   Marcus Grönholm (FIN), Ford Fiesta Mk7 T16 4x4
2.   Tanner Foust (USA), Ford Fiesta Mk7 T16 4x4
Stéphane Verdier (F), Hyundai Veloster T16 4x4
4.   Andy Scott (GB), SAAB 9-3 ASS T16 4x4
5.   Samuel Hübinette (S), SAAB 9-3 ASS T16 4x4
6.   Rhys Millen (NZ), Hyundai Veloster T16 4x4
David Binks (GB), Ford Fiesta Mk7 T16 4x4
8.   Dave Mirra (USA), Subaru Impreza GR WRX STI
9.   Travis Pastrana (USA), Dodge Dart T16 4x4
10. Toomas Heikkinen (FIN), Ford Fiesta Mk7 T16 4x4


In the top 3 positions and in totalt 7 of the first 10 cars we find Olsberg-MDS cylinder heads. To this success contributed the unique high performance cylinder heads from Motor Design Sweden AB, with a design and characteristics which provides the high performance, the durability, the strength and not least the reliability matching these demanding high performance turbo engines in this extreme application.


MDS are happy to offer: A large selection of built engines all readily available and to favorable prices!


New Development: Low Weight Big Brake Kits for RC!




Motor Design are happy to announce Final Gear ratios 4,88 - 5,43 - 5,63 - 5,85 are now again available and in stock.





Big News from Motor Design Sweden AB! We introduce the Completely New Motorsport/ Replacement Engine Block for the Volvo Red Engines.


Supply of Volvo B230R Original Red Engine Blocks has become increasingly scarce, with a real risk for new Engine Block sourcing drying out completely.
In National, Nordic and International Rally, Rallycross and Racing these engines continue to form a backbone and are used in high quantity. At the same time we note a globally increasing interest for this type of 4-cyl. displacement category, with very reliable and effective Competition Engines. Also in Motor Sport applications, the Red Engines live up to the core values of Volvo with great reliability and providing cost effective performance.
In particular, MDS Red Engine EVO-versions have achieved great success with several hundred engines in service in almost all classes of Motor Sport. Also in international comparison it is an unusually high number. But with this success follows a great responsibility. MDS has long time recognized the need for a new series of Motorsport/ Replacement Block to protect for servicing, overhaul and not least for supply of new blocks to cope with the an increasing demand for all new Motor Sport Red Engines.  


Therefore, MDS has in own development defined and developed a completely new Motorsport/ Replacement Engine Block. The unique new casting of course covers the needs of today but is even more focused on protecting for the requirements of the future. The completely new block from all new tooling is designed with the latest state of the art development methods and most up to date knowledge. The block is also significantly stronger structurally through the all new detailed design, the crank case is further reinforced and the block is created more symmetrical. It is cast in a particular strong cast iron quality (actually the material is similar to that used by BMW and Mercedes in their Motorsport Blocks). The end result is an all new, structurally very strong and stable block, with reduced weight and not least engine friction. Furthermore, a displacement increase can also be realized without any compromises in strength or reliability.
Watch out for further Big News from MDS, coming soon!


MDS now introduces two new highly interesting products.
BRAKE DISCS 295x28 mm.
Fitting AP and Alcon bellhousings.
Floor mounted PEDAL BOX complete.
The ongoing Motor Design SWEDEN AB in house development provides for new interesting products for the "Red Engine". We can now offer to our customers: 
  Complete kit 
- ADAPTER in alu for electric pump 
  Can be purchased seperately 
Kenny Bräck the winner in the X Games final with Motor Design’s unique Duratec EVO cylinderhuvud   

The Indy-winner Kenny Bräck was sole Swedish driver at the ESPN’s X Games in Los Angeles in early August. The 43-old from Arvika took a surprise win in the Class Rally Ca. In the final beating no less than the winner of several earlier X-Games and last years winner, Travis Pastrana in Subaru.


It is now ten years since Kenny Bräck won the Indy 500 and later survived the big accident which almost claimed his life. He might have retired from professional racing, but still has difficulty to keep away altogether from competitive driving. At the Los Angeles ESPN’s X Games he was driving the special Olsbergs MSE Ford Fiesta X-game rally car. Kenny progressed through the race to the final where he was to race against the nine time winner and current X Game champion Travis Pastrana.


It was a dramatic final for both drivers. For Bräck, in the main part of the race, the rear bumper was flying behind the car. And for Travis Pastrana, also at full attack in the final until he finally lost it when he crashed into a safety wall when trying to catch and beat the fast Swedish driver. Follow the dramatic final in this video; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I74ITAWZvNo

It was fantastic to come back to US and to win this event, it was a first time appearance for me. The race was great fun and not least that an ”oldie” like me can win yet, said Kenny Bräck. He was one of three drivers of  the Ford Fiestas, built to Rally America Open Class specification and developed by rally cross ace Andréas Eriksson for the Swedish team Olsbergs Motor Sport Evolution (MSE) .


The engine, specific for the X-Games, develops 450 hp and is built by Ultra Motors AB. For best performance and high reliability, similar to the engines they build for Div.1 rallycross, the engine uses the Motor Design unique Duratec EVO cylinder head. Motor Design congratulates to the win, and are of course satisfied with their contribution to the success. It again underlines the high performance and durability capability of the Duratec EVO cylinder head.




Marcus Grönholm fine second in Pikes Peak July 2009 with help of Motor Design’s Duratec EVO Cylinder Head 


The two times World Rally Championship Winner has in his career experienced all possible kind of road and competition conditions. But in mid-July he took part in an extraordinary event, the Pikes Peak,-"the Race to the Clouds". - It was among the most demanding races I have done and will always be the one to tell about for others I have participated in, he comments.


Of course he has seen the legendary film with Ari Vatanen from 20 years ago. But it is first when driving you realize the extreme conditions of the track, says Marcus. In the race he ended up second in Class Unlimited, with a fine time of 11 minutes and 28,963 seconds, which also brought him the "Rokkie of the Year" Award. Follow Marcus to the top in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8nptFx1jug


His Ford Fiesta, was developed by Swedish team Olsbergs Motor Sport Evolution (MSE) by rally cross ace Andréas Eriksson, also driving Pikes Peak. For the race a special 850 hp version of the Duratec engine was developed. Like for the Div. 1 rally cross cars it was built by Ultra Motors AB and it uses the unique Duratec EVO cylinder head from Motor Design AB.


The start takes place at 2800 meter with a finish 20 km later at over 4200 meter altitude. The twisty mountain road is steep with an average incline of seven percent. Marcus not winning the class was mainly caused by turbo problems which meant full power was not available at the later end of the race. Grönholm conclusion is that the Fiesta has enormous potential and will be fully capable to break the current 10 minutes record.


Motor Design congratulates to the success and are happy to have contributed to the result. Which confirms and underlines the Duratec EVO cylinder head high performance combined with high reliability, when handling the enormous high loads at the Pikes Peak.


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